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Things to Do in Lake County, CA

Discover California's wine country in Lake County, California. Enjoy restaurants, shops, museums and a casino.

Disney’s Boat Rentals is a family-operated business with a friendly staff that is dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable boating adventures on one of the most scenic lakes in the country. Explore the coves and bays hidden within its waters with the largest boat fleet on Clear Lake including ski boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, wakeboards, kayaks, and more. Check the website for specials to use a coupon offering discounts on your rental. Whether you pick the sport jet skis or the ease of a kayak, Disney’s will make sure you’re prepared to have a fun time on Clear Lake.

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Enjoy weekend entertainment, Fiddler Days, Blues Shows and many numerous activities at this wonderful museum operated by the Lake County Historical Society. Events are charged but visits are by donation. They have added many picnic tables, barns, a cable car, and entertainment stage. Bring a picnic, bottle of your favorite local, Lake County wine and enjoy this open space and view of Mount Konocti.

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Mount Konocti is Lake County’s ancient towering volcano, a sacred sight among Native Americans, and a bit of a scientific phenomenon. Hike Konocti’s trails to view clouds forming below you in the volcano’s micro-climate, get a breathtaking view of all 70 square miles of Clear Lake, or visit the untouched Mary Downen cabin. You’ll also find maul oak trees more than 500 years old on these slopes. Explore its forests, stroll along its slopes, and investigate the many legends about Konocti for yourself. 

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